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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Found Five New Kittens... Part V: The Missing One

We thought we caught all five last September...  Yes, we did.  However, we missed one.  There should be six kittens. After three months, we found this kitten running around our backyard...

Who are you?

This little guy was so fat that we thought she was a girl and was pregnant... We called Manda, the volunteer, again and asked for help... She came and we caught him...  Good that he is a boy.  After the operation, he was brought back to our place...

Shy after Operation

Fatty Boy

We called him Toffee...  Now we have three boys:  Milky, Latte and Toffee...  

He stays in our garage together with Mom, FaFa and Vita...  He took Wonkie's place.  We haven't seen Wonkie since early January and we don't know where he is...  We miss Wonkie...

Last time we met Wonkie
Say Goodbye to Daddy

Toffee loves fish...

Queue up with Mom, sister FaFa and Vita
Saying hi to uncle Toffee

Toffee enjoys staying with us... He stays at the door every evening and meets with Felix, Milky and Latte... When the weather is good, he walks around and plays with his two sisters, FaFa and Vita... He is just adorable... We love him!

Playing with sister FaFa and Vita

Getting serious...

Handsome Toffee

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