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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Two Yellow Tigers: 黃飛 (Fei) and 黃靜 (Jing)

Out of the seven kittens, there are two look almost the same...  If you don't watch them carefully, you won't be able to recognize the difference.  They are the two yellow tigers, 黃飛 (Fei) and 黃靜 (Jing)...

The Twin With Mom Vita

Their sizes are relatively smaller compared with their brothers and sisters...  

Seems quiet, but very active.  They love to follow their brothers and sisters...

What are you guys doing?

Lets go this way...

Sleep together...  Eat together...  Play together in the box...:)

All seven sleeping together in the box

Feeding all seven together...

Let us out...  We want to see the much bigger world!!!

Fei is relatively larger...  She is relatively calm and mature...  

Baby Fei... with her sister Jing

A sweet little girl...:)  (by PY)

Look exactly like her Dad, Wonkie  (by PY)

Jing is the smallest one among the seven, yet she is definitely not the weakest.  She is very active...  curious of everything...  love to play... and a darling to her mothers!

Playing with Latte

With brother Milky... (by PY)

On May 27, the kittens have to be picked up by Brenda... She would like to pick up two for her parents-in-law. 

Mom FaFa hug the babies goodbye...:(

First contact with Brenda...

Bye Moms...  Bye everybody...  Will keep all of you in our mind...:)

New home for Fei and Jing
We keep in touch with Brenda to see how these two babies grow... Brenda sends us photos to let us know their latest news. Its a blessing to know that they have a very sweet home... Brenda's parents-in-law love them so much and even name them like their children.  

Wish these two darlings enjoy their lives in the Wong's family...:)

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