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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Felix the Cat Girl (1)

Many people like black cats...  Chinese people like black cats with white feet...  I don't understand why but when I post the kitten photos to the Facebook, many people asked me about Felix, the black cat like wearing tuxedo all the time...  We thought she was a boy, we were wrong.  She is our darling girl, Felix the Cat!

Living in the foam box 
FaFa trying to escape with Felix... (by PY)
Always wearing the Tuxedo...:)  (by PY)
A little shy girl...  (by Esmond)

Felix looks shy most of the time...  However, she is very persistent and can be very tough!

Don't run...  Come down!  (by PY)

Don't make me angry!  (by PY)

Stop it!

A huge tooth brush...:)  (by PY)

No matter how tough she is, she has no choice but to say goodbye to her brothers and sisters...  She is so frustrated and don't really know what will the future be...  

The day to say goodbye...  Very frustrated!

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