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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017...

2017 is the first new year celebration for FaFa who stays in door with us since June last year...  She is still not very comfortable with her new life.  And her children in particular Latte and Milky are chasing her all the time...  Poor FaFa!  In the first day of 2017, I do hope FaFa can get along with us and her children as soon as possible...

FaFa, the poor mother

As for Felix, Milky and Latte, this is their fourth new year...  In April, they will be four years old. Wish them good health...  May God bless them so that they can get along with FaFa and live happily together.
Latte, the thinker

Milky, the actor

Felix, the girl
Happy New Year to all cat lovers too... :)

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