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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Story of Milky, the Actor (1)

First day in this world...  
Milky got his name given that his hair is so eye-catching... My husband took this photo and he was so excited!  He looks so much like a milk cow...  And he got this name...:)

FaFa's darling son...:)

Evening walk with FaFa

Milky was so cute...  in particular during the days living in the foam box! His rosy nose caught everybody's eyes. It seems that he is so curious and tried to smell everything in this wonderful world!

The Milky way!!! (by PY)
What an actor... (by PY)
Milky acts like an actor... These photos were taken by my friend PY the day these kittens had to say goodbye to each other... 

Teaching his brother how to act! (by PY)
Milky is also a good teacher...  See how he taught his brother how to climb up this shoe rack!

Angry with Felix... (by PY)

Playing with Latte
Milky always make you laugh...  He plays hard...  Yet, he gets exhausted easily...:)

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