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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Story of Latte, the Thinker (1)

Latte was picked to show the two Moms... 
FaFa and Vita gave birth to seven kittens on the same day in our garage. They moved the kittens away to our neighbor but the kittens were then brought back to us by the Management Office in a box.  The two mothers were very worried when they could not find their kittens.  I took Latte out from the box and tried to calm the mothers down.  Latte were checked by the two mothers in and out before both of them settled down.  

Latte and his brothers
Baby Latte after first cleaning

Never give up... 

Beautiful blue eyes...  (by Esmond)

Latte is also the one who the two mother cats care most... When the two mothers found that they might be at risk, Latte was the first one the two mothers tried to pick up and carry away...

FaFa picked Latte up and tried to carry him away...  (by PY)

A lady called Cindy would like to adopt Latte when she saw Latte's photo. However, we hated to see him live alone and we decided to keep him together with Milky and Felix.

Latte together with Milky and Felix  (by PY)

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