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Friday, September 13, 2013

Found Five New Kittens... Part IV: Dad

The story will never be completed without telling you what happened to the kittens' Daddy...  Wonkie.

Wonkie is Mom's son who was first found in our place last June...  

Full of Curiosity
Handsome Boy

He was the only boy and he knew how to take care of his Mom and sisters...

With Mom in front of our door

With sister FaFa
Playing on our Deck

With Sister Vita

King of the Family

Unfortunately, in the Cats World, mother and son, brother and sister can get together and have babies...  As a result, we've had seven kittens from FaFa and Vita, two kittens from Mom in April, and now five kittens from Mom...  

Even though we got all three female cats spayed, its better to get Wonkie castrated.  

We trapped Wonkie on Tuesday morning...

Poor Wonkie

Don't know what to do...

Yesterday, Wonkie was back after the operation... still handsome and energetic...  Good luck Wonkie!!!  You are always the King of the Cats here in our place...

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