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Friday, September 13, 2013

Found Five New Kittens... Part III: The Other Four

Catching the kittens was not as easy as we thought...  They had been following their Mom ever since they were born. Now their Mom was caught and they had no one to follow... The poor kittens were hungry but they were very cautious.

Kittens usually are light and they might not be easy to catch by the trapper.  So we used the normal cage with rope and tried to close the door once they were in... We got two the first night...

Two Caught 

They were so hungry and frightened... but not very friendly.

We had to catch the remaining two before Mom came back... We act again the following night...  

These two were very tricky...  We did catch them the first night but they ran away faster than we could act!

We did not use the normal cage this time.  We tried the trapper again... After several trials, we got one...

Hungry and Frightened

Two hours later...  we caught the final one.  We were exhausted but mission achieved.

These poor darlings had been suffered a lot...  

Very Cautious

Stayed Together


Still Hungry

When Mom was brought back at night, we had to say goodbye to these poor babies.  They are all lovely darlings... We wish all of them will have a home sweet home very soon...:)

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