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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Found Five New Kittens... Part I: The Easy Catch!

One early morning, our maid told me that she found five kittens in our garage again and some of them might hide inside my husband's car... They are from Mom...

In the evening, my husband tried to drive away the car so that we could reserve some space for the kittens to play around.  Unfortunately, the kittens all ran away...  I caught one but he was so scare that I let him go. Mom came in and feed him...

The next day, our maid told us that there was a kitten trapped inside the car and she caught him...

This little kitten was so frightened and cried all day long. However, when we touched his forehead, he enjoyed very much.

We gave him a good bath and manicure in the next morning and he is just a darling...

First Bath  


I'm Clean...

Am I Handsome?

Very Comfortable

We brought him in our house...  However, our three kittens didn't quite like him...  Poor baby!

You don't like me!

Latte - Very Alert

I better escape...:(

Don't hit me Milky

When Manda, the Volunteer came to help us to catch Mom and other kittens, we had to say goodbye to this little darling...  Goodbye and wish you have a home sweet home very soon...:) 

Hugging Goodbye

Last Meal in Our Garage

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