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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Found Five New Kittens... Part II: Mom

Mom is the origin of all these kittens in our place...  We first met her in December 2011.  She was just a pretty kitten left by her owner who moved out from our complex...

First time we met - December 2011

Since then, she gave birth at least 4 times...  First time, we had Wonkie and FaFa.  Second time, she had five kittens, but only Vita survived. Third time, we got Wonkzai and Takzai... This is the fourth time... She got five.  I don't know how she can continue to give birth if we don't catch her and help her to control...

Baby Wonkie and FaFa

Kitten Cheers and Vita with Mom (Cheers, the left one, hit by a car and broke one of her legs... and now disappeared.)

Baby Takzai and Wonkzai
I know its not easy but we have to try...

Given that she doesn't stay in our garage, we have to seek our neighbor's approval before we can go there to catch her. Our neighbor was out of town and we had to get management office to help us out.  Finally, we got the approval and tried to trap Mom last Tuesday (9/3/2013).

We found her and she was very hungry...  She recognised us and she was not very cautious.  We caught her immediately...

Poor Mom was caught...  She was sooo hungry that she finished the food inside the cage.

The next morning when we tried to move her to a smaller cage...  She was very angry.  We had no choice but used this cage to bring her to SPCA...

Angry Look

Stay Cool and Persevere

Mom came back the next day after the operation...  She looks okay with good appetite and can run very fast...  Good luck to your new life, Mom!!!  

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