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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

FaFa's New Life

FaFa has been staying in our house for more than two months...  However, she still doesn't really get used to the family life.  She escaped thru the window one night. Fortunately we caught her back.

I think the main reason is that our three cats don't really accept her...  Latte is the worst one.  He keeps on chasing FaFa and hits her.

Milky is a bit better but he is the jealous guy.  FaFa always follows our maid and Milky doesn't like it given that he's used to be her darling... :(

Felix is the best among the three...  However, she loves to stay in FaFa's cage and eat her food. FaFa is not very happy about it.

Poor FaFa doesn't really know what her future will be...  We keep praying for her.  

Her mother and sister Vita are quiet lonely without FaFa...  They know that FaFa is inside the house and they keep waiting outside!

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