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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Have to make the Toughest Decision

The kittens were almost 5 weeks...  We could not take care all seven together with their mothers, father, and grandmother.  We had to give them away...

We sent emails to friends, published in Facebook to all my friends and Cat Lovers...  

Thank Lord that we met with my cousin's friend who would like to take two for her mother-in-law.  She also introduced volunteer Lisa to me.  Lisa agreed to pick the rest up and help the two mothers to get spayed.

When I told my friends the plan, my friend PY together with her friends came to my house and took beautiful photos of these kittens...  

These are some of them...  What a memory!

Lucky Seven by PY:

The Trio by PY:

What a Team by PY:

Run like a Kangaroo by PY:

We love Mom... by PY:

The two mothers were watching the seven kittens playing in the garage...  by PY:

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